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Easy Brown Sugar Ham for Busy People

One thing I’ve learned after four years as a recipe writer, is that people want four things in a recipe: 1) It has to be easy to throw together. 2) It can’t have too many ingredients.  Most people want to scan a list of ingredients and go, “yep…got it”.  Or “yep, I know where to find that”.

19 Aug 2014
Birthday Cake1

Classic American Birthday Cake

  * Previously featured on “The Flying Kitchen”.  By popular demand, I have re-posted this recipe as it was my #1 recipe hit.   January is a big birthday month at my house. Three of my kids have January birthdays!  This is my full-proof, crowd-pleasing birthday cake recipe. Oh sure, it’s been decorated in every

28 Jun 2014

Easy Ricotta Fruit Dip

With summer here, all you who have kids home from school get a taste of what I experience everyday as a homeschooler. Ya. Kids who are always hungry. And I can’t blame them!  My kids never stop moving.  Ever. Even when they are doing something “sedentary” like watching a movie, they are still using the sofa as a

16 Jun 2014

Master Recipe: White Wine Chicken (and Onions)

You know you’ve come across a good recipe (or method) when you keep turning that one recipe into dozens of other dinners.  When that one idea lends itself to numerous little ideas.  This one idea (or recipe, or method) is what is known as a “Master Recipe”.  It’s like the mother ship of a whole

13 Jun 2014

My “Go-To” Berry Cobbler

I’m a big believer in Sunday Dinner. That rhymes.  Kind of.  More limerick-ey, really. It should be a line in a country western song. “I’m a big believer in Sunday dinner…”   Anyhoo – It’s important.  Sunday dinner, that is.  After all, the madness of daily life has to stop at some point.  And it’s demoralizing to have

12 Jun 2014

Simple (Yet Fabulous) Pita Pizzas

This is the kind of thing I make when I’ve had a long week, I’m tired, and I’ve just spent an afternoon shopping and running errands.  It’s the kind of thing you can put together when the countertops are still full of grocery bags, and ordering pizza will 1) take too long, and 2) will make

31 May 2014

Super Easy Slowcooker Sausage Dinner

This is what I make when I know that we are going to be out alllllllll day and roll in about 8:00, everyone starving and cranky. This is also what I make on Saturdays when I know we will be at the end of our rope from a day of fun and adventures, and sitting in

30 May 2014
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